by Ratboys

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released April 1, 2011

julia steiner - vox, guitar, uke
dave sagan - percussion, bass, guitar, uke


all rights reserved



Ratboys Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: The Stanza
I have a history of loving all the wrong guys
In high school we studied Stalin, said I love that guy
But I am cursed, oh yeah I'm cursed all right
In high school we studied Marx, yeah he had pretty eyes

But I wonder why and where we have to go

I have a tendency of biting my nails when I'm bored
Sit on my computer for nothing, writing I'm so bored
But I am trapped beneath my bed, oh lord
Sit on my computer for something to occupy my time

But I wonder why and where we have to go

I have a penalty that I like to pay at night
In high school I got yelled at by one of the wrong guys
But I am first, oh yeah I'm first in line
In college someone told me that I have pretty eyes
Track Name: Down the River
Close my ears, eyes go down the river
Lights are clear, they're working to catch my view
Walking down the shore, I'm trying to meet New Hampshire
But New England is mean, I really wish that it weren't true

Left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait

So take my meaning and throw it in the river
And if it drowns I guess it's not a witch
I love to dream of her breath of heaven
'Cause life is not a maze, it's just a straight line ending in a ditch

Left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait

And can the preacher ever really reconcile me
Because my sins, they reach so far and wide
And maybe hell, maybe it's just a waiting room
Or maybe it's a place where the cowards run and hide

But all I know is that I left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait
Track Name: Intense Judgment
I know it's sad when friendships die away
But, it happens to everyone every day
Putting on lotion on every inch you can reach of your skin
You give me such an impression, I surrender you win

On the second of July, I stumbled my toe
It was two thousand and ten, and my brother was in Mexico
I followed you up and then down in the land of Cherokee
You told me a story of a woman: she was tortured so badly

My sunglasses magically turned my eyes into microscopes
I used these new powers to cross-section tiny seeds and dying hopes
We were located atop a tunnel above interstate sixty four
We silently let all the cars pass, and one honked its horn

But an intense judgment came o'er my face
This is neither the time or the place
You disrupted my beautiful afternoon
Afternoon to you too
Track Name: Key
I have a key, it unlocks a door
I pay attention when looking for

Walk backwards slowly, pretend to commit a crime
Oh my body's nervous, pores windy bleeding light

I'd love to vaporize with you tonight
Oh I have a key, it makes things right
Track Name: at 39 is annie the oldest cat?
at 39 is annie
the oldest cat on the block?
i gave her a bowl full of food
unfortunately she did not
a tail it's waggin' on the block
she stares at all the parking lots
a girl cries out, "my cat, she's 40"
annie cries
i flick her off

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